A note from Charlie McMurray

  • Valued Customer, please be aware that supply chain issues are affecting inventory levels around the world. Manufacturer backorders and lead times have increased dramatically.

  • Charles McMurray Co. is committed to protecting our loyal customers, maintaining our normal, robust inventory position and avoiding product outages. We are aware that inventory shortages affect you and your business, and we are working directly with manufacturers to proactively prevent supply interruptions.

  • For example, we continue to order heavily, protect available inventory by restricting unusual purchases, and bring in alternative products. Additionally, we made the difficult decision to not accept any new customers until product availability returns to normal. 

  • Unfortunately, due to purchasing allocations set by manufacturers, we have implemented allocation quantities for specific products where necessary. While we would prefer to take every order and serve every need, there simply is not enough supply of some products to avoid endless backorders. The goal of allocations is to help you plan jobs with your customers. Regardless of the size of your business, we aim to provide a reasonable expectation that a set quantity of an allocated product will be available when you order.

  • Charles McMurray Co. is providing the highest level of service in the fairest possible way, and we are focused solely on the needs of our loyal customers. Please be aware that, despite this, we cannot guarantee pricing or inventory availability in some circumstances. If you need help selecting alternate products our sales and customer service teams are happy to assist.

  • We ask for your patience with our entire staff as we work to serve you through challenges facing the market. Thanks for your understanding and your business.



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